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Originally Posted by VTENGR View Post
I just bought a dewalt cordless leaf blower. 125mph/450cfm. I used it this past weekend but it seemed like it was taking forever to dry the car. I got frustrated and just went back to my microfiber drying towel. Maybe my technique needs work.
Spend the money and get an EGO 650 CFM. I finally picked one up about 3 weeks ago and haven't looked back. I used a junky leaf blower for years and it was just "blah". The EGO has some serious power and "turbo" button that pumps out serious power. It is easy to dry the car, even the tough spots like the roof, under the tailgate spoiler lid, bottom of the tailgate, side skirts, etc. I can dry the truck with the 5 aH battery and still have 60% left.

I also use the CRSpotless system. Check that thing out if you get a chance. Spot free even in full sun.