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$0.99 Cent Cleaning Mod - Slime Putty (Dust Removal)

Hello Members,

I wanted to share a mod that I have used on my own vehicles. If you are familiar with car cleaning gels, they are essentially sticky slime putty that picks up lint/dust in the smallest crevices of your car or other electronics.

I have young kids and we have often picked up slime for playtime from the local 99 cents stores. One day I thought, that slime looks exactly like what is being up sold as "universal dust/gel cleaner." Being the cautious car owner made sure it was sticky, pliable and tactile enough to safely be used on electronics. To my surprise it worked amazingly well.

Some things I did notice using this during the summer months
  • Use slime putty when it is cold or normal room temperature
  • If slime was in the sun or somewhere hot it will become slightly liquid or will leave a residue on the surface you are cleaning

This works great and is entirely reusable. Once the gel/putty has picked up enough gunk you can replace it. Definitely a lot more affordable than the Amazon counterpart you can view here.

I realize that each local 99 cents store will have something different but thought I would share with the community.