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BMW Leather Cleaner - UV Protector - Looking For Alternatives

Hello Members,

I've used several leather cleaners over the years but have only recently used the BMW Leather Lotion. I definitely like how it applies, is non-greasy (matte) and has a pleasant smell that quickly vanishes.

For the reasons above I like the BMW product, however, while using it, I was reminded of sun tan lotion/milk from my youth. The consistency is thick but a bit runny and a milky white (transparent after applied). I grew up in Europe and it made me think of Nivea sun milk with a low UV rating or brands like Piz Buin, Delial or similar.

Mind you, I would never put suntan lotion on the interior leather but I was immediately reminded of it as I used the BMW Leather Lotion.

I was looking at the Griots 3-in-1 Leather cleaner as it comes in a 128 oz size and would be more cost effective.

Do you have any alternatives, looking forward to your responses. I have the Vernasca Leather option in Cognac for reference.