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New G05 owner here. Just picked up the car last Friday. Carbon black exterior with Cognac interior. I am planning to keep the car for 7+ yrs, so I am looking for some advice on how to protect the exterior and interior look of the car, I have few questions:

1) I have scheduled an appointment with a reputable shop for full frontal and 4 door PPF as well as ceramic coating (Ceramic Gold Pro with 10yr guarantee). Price comes to $Xk CAD. They also quoted me $X.5kCAD for full body PPF. So difference is only $500 CAD. I am debating if I should just choose the full body PPF and forgo the ceramic coating part?

2) I have seen pictures where they apply the PPF. Looks like they have to remove quite a bit exterior bits from the car (like door handle etc). Looks scared, even this shop is reputable and they do alot of high end cars like Ferrari etc. I am still a little bit uncomfortable.

3) Front and back windowshield Rain-X treatment is also included in the ceramic coating3 treatment. I have read on this forum that some ppl are complaining about wiper clattering / skipping after the treatment. So I am question even if I decided to do the ceramic coating part, should I do the Rain-X for windshield or not. I have never done this for my previous cars. Ang advice?

4) For interior, I just ordered Chemical Guys leather cleaner and conditioner from Amazon. Looks like a good product. What about other surface area besides leather (like danshboard etc)?

5) For windshield washer fluid, Can I just use the any good old windshield washing fluid you can buy from Costco or Walmart?

6) Last but not least and non-cosmatic related questions. What grade of fuel do you use? Dealer showed me the label on the fuel cap says 91 Octane minimum. Is it better to have the premium 93 Octane one? I am debating this because on one hand I want to give her the best fuel, on the other hand, gas price isn't exactly cheap here in Montreal....