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For polishing, the Festool should be in the Rotex mode which is the top motion switch to the right. The Rotex mode is for polishing and coarse removal if you were on wood. This is the more aggressive mode for wood which may seem counterintuitive, but its the imbined rotational and eccentric mode spin for polishing. The left hand mode is random orbital which is not suitable for polishing.

As you probably already know the Festool is a joy to use no mater what your doing. Excellent quality, dead flat pad and very ergonomic. I typically operate the polisher at the 5 speed setting. There's one video from Festool on auto polishing on you tube but it isn't very good. Bottom line is a high quality polisher like Rupes or Flex is $500 that only polishes. For those that only do this a few times the Festool will also tackle almost any other abrasive job like sanding down a deck. This thing is a beast but also a presice tool.

Aside from the mode selection, the entire process is the same as any other polisher and paint correction process. I have simply used an Amazon set of foam polishing pads along with compound and polish. Ive been using Chemical guys v36 and v38 which work just fine. The polishing pad are the below pads from Amazon. I've bought other Festool polishing products for wood fishinhes that I have polished but use the below as disposable pads for the cars.