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Originally Posted by MissVito View Post
Hi, we just brought home our new X5 M50i and considering PPF. The color is Tanzanite Blue. Has anyone just had a partial job done? If I just have the full front done (full hood, front, fenders, mirrors) am I going to notice a difference in color and/or shine between the front and the sides that aren't covered? I'm pretty OCD with things like that. I'll also get the ceramic coating. I'm mainly interested in protecting the paint from chips as well as the annoying love bug pestilence we get here in FL. Thanks!
Tanzanite is a pretty tough color to maintain IMO - when freshly detailed it's awesomely magic in light, but it gets dirty fast and when even a little dirty the magic disappears fast. IMO whatever you do, it has to be done to the whole car.

If you did full PPF and full ceramic on top that would optimize tanzanite's magic and put it on display just about always ... anything less and you'll lose some or all of the magic. If you just did part PPF I'd say even a casual observer would for sure notice, as the PPF part would stay a bit nicer and non-PPF would be duller.

Clean it does this weird stuff in different lighting where even sometimes it looks turquoise or purple, other times black, other times dark blue:

Tanz is a stunning color, but only when it's clean

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I thought the next M4 was going to be a flying car powered by bloomin' onions and a teaspoon of mayonnaise. At least that's what I read on the internet @