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I'm a wood guy as well. I'm actually a studying & practicing luthier, and I picked the same wood for the same reasons.

First things first.... it is not NEARLY as "brown" as it looks in the BMW builder. In fact, it's more "gray" than anything else. It looks great, nothing wrong with it, but I was surprised when I saw it for the first time. It appears very similar to a popular finish used on modern guitars called "antique ash". Very gray.... with just a hint of brown, mostly within the burl pockets.

Secondly.... cleaning is a breeze. Just a mild cleaner is fine. I just use windex on the electronics screens, aluminum trim, and the poplar. Works fine. I wouldn't use anything too harsh that might wash the color out, but basic window cleaner works just fine.

You will notice, that because the wood is "raw", if you use paper towels to clean it, you may have a few spots that grab a few "fluffies" that you'll have to pick out. Again, NBD. I actually WOULDN'T recommend using a cloth of any kind. You don't want that cloth to snag, and potentially even pull out a "splinter" of wood. I'd rather just use a paper towel. If it snags, it tears the paper towel.... not the wood. I'd rather pull out a few fluffies when I'm done cleaning, versus trying to figure out how to smooth a "chunk" of wood that pulled out because a string from a rag got snagged on it.

Good choice BTW. You are 100% correct about fingerprints. They will not show up. I spend a TON of time cleaning the gloss black surfaces (shifter panel, A/C vents, etc).... and I can't imagine having an entire interior covered in piano black. It would look like crap all the time.
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