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I typically just get PPF installed on the front end of my cars and then I get it coated. I absolutely love the benefits of coating and I won't go without it on a car of this caliber.
If you're concerned about the shop removing parts to install PPF then I would look at their reviews and see what type of cars they typically work on. The shop I use work on very high end cars so I feel comfortable with them.
For interior, the chemical guys cleaner works fine. If you want something stronger you can go with the Carpro leather coating.
For windshield washer fluid, I use the rain x fluid. I typically drain out the oem fluid when I buy a car and refill with rain x. But you can use any type of washer fluid. I don't see it affecting the coating.
I'm not familiar with the rain x treatments. I typically put on rain x on all windows.
For fuel, pump what is recommended from factory. 91 is completely fine to use if you do not have 93 octane available.