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Recommendations for car cleaning products?

Hi, there are a lot of products for maintaining the exterior. My brain is fried from researching it, lol. Which car shampoos are the best? Are quick detailers safe to use? My goal is to clean the car as quickly as possible as I live in FL where it's hot/humid 11 months out of the year and I can't stand the heat. Love bug season is also a pain in the neck. I learned the one bucket/wash mitt is not the best way. Now that I have a brand new dark car I want to be really careful not to cause scratches.

Looks like using a pressure washer and foam cannon would be efficient. I'm going to shop for an electric one and something to blow dry the car, but not a leaf blower. (The car will be going in for PPF and ceramic in a couple of weeks) Is it possible to do a no-touch washing if the car's not real dirty?

Any advice what I should get? We only have a 2 car garage so not much room since we keep our cars in the garage. Which is why I'm looking for an electric pressure washer. My goal is to make it easier and quicker to clean the car. Thanks
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