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Originally Posted by Mo2002 View Post
I would ask the shop whose doing the ceramic on recommendation for soaps. For my CQuartz coatings, I have to use soap that does not have any wax in it.
I'm in the same boat as you living in FL with the heat and love bugs. Best time to wash the car is early in the morning. I don't use quick detailer on my cars. Best way is always with soap and water. I bought a foam cannon but barely use it bc it takes a while to get the pressure washer and everything setup. I have the SunJoe SPX 3001 pressure washer from Lowes.
I would use the 2 bucket system, use a very soft mitt to wash the car and use a blower if you can. If not, use microfiber towels to dry the car. I also use the dirt traps in the buckets from Chemical Guys. Start with washing from top to bottom.
Once you get the coating done, washing the car will be a breeze! Spray down the car, wash with soap from top to bottom (no scrubbing required), rinse with water and dry. I also leave the wheels for last.
Hope this helps!
Thanks for all the info! Good tip on asking the shop what soap to use. I guess I better get the buckets and some extra mitts tomorrow because it really needs a wash. I guess I'll use the electric leaf blower for now. I can't wait for it to get the paint protection. I'm looking forward to making that task easier. Cheers!
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