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Anyone else experience this? Spots on wind screen.

Hi everyone. I don't know if you have experienced this but last week I took my car for a hand washing and when I went to pick it up it was sitting under the sun. At that moment I havent notice anything but next morning when the sun hit directly the windshield i noticed some spots on the whole of the glass (maybe water spots or something else). I haven't paid much attention and i thought is something that can be easily removed. So today, after six days of washing the car I tried to clean the glass with home glass cleaner. For my supprise the spots were still there. I tried mixing white Vinegar with water but still nothing. I am very disappointed as it seams to be something permanent embed in the glass. I called the guy who is in charged in the car wash and told me, maybe it was wax who they didnt see it and dried at the sun. He told me to take it back there and he can remove it. However I am not sure if he can make it. Maybe there are some specific products that can remove this. My car is ceramic coated so i can't understand the use of wax after washing it. It's so frustrating. Anyone else experience this and in your opinion is it something that can be removed?
Thanks for your responses.

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