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Originally Posted by bluzbra View Post
Update: Called Customer Relations and the automated system gave me an estimated production completion date of January 27th. So the timeline so far is:

01/11 - Order Placed
01/14 - Production Begins phase
01/27 - Estimated production completion
Same dates here

Week 5, I called Bmw they said 27th but add a week for transportation to your Massachusetts dealer give or take a few

my original order was from November but the dealer F'd up, I was on Christmas vacation returning on January 6th the next day I was picking it up but the truck was not what I ordered, (no M sport) I had to show my confirmation sheet that we signed etc, they blamed Bmw, waited a few days then they just ordered it again, this time I confirmed the #'s and checked the site for progress and it mirrors your order schedule

to be honest, I'm not aggravated how the dealer mess up, I'm mad @ my self for not confirming everything and keeping track of the build, I did it December 2018 for my M2C, fun process but thought since it's just an x5 no need

Problem is January 27 plus a week we're now talking early February, I'm going out of country for 2 weeks on 2-6-2020, I'm not sure but my luck the truck is on site the day I fly out
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