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Originally Posted by nosnoop View Post
This is not true. BMW never had any exclusive deals with Apple for wireless CarPlay. It's just that BMW was the first car manufacturer to embrace it. Various 3rd party car audio has it as well.

Audi also has wireless carplay.
As for Mercedes, they have announced wireless carplay for their MBUX system for like a couple of years? But I don't think they have it yet. At least their newest GLE did not - even worse, GLE's CarPlay is displayed in a small window inside their huge display, and cannot go fullscreen!

Once you have tried other manufacturers' CarPlay, you will realize BMW has the best implementation, despite some bugs initially with G05.
I don't think you read my post properly. I never said BMW has an exclusive deal. BMW was exclusive in the industry in the sense that they were the only one.

It is precisely that advantage that BMW tried to capitalize on, to charge the subscription.