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Originally Posted by sygazelle View Post
On June 5, 2018, BMW issued a press release that described the features of Driving Assistance Professional this way:

Available as an option, the Driving Assistant Professional package is comprised of the Traffic Jam Assist with extended hands-off time (expected to be available from 12/2018) as well as
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the Lane Keeping Assistant with active side collision protection. The Automatic Lane Change feature can be used on highways when the Lane Keeping Assistant is active. Holding the direction indicator in the required direction is all it takes to initiate a lane change. If the sensors detect that there is space in the adjacent lane and that no other vehicle is approaching at high speed, the driver benefits from helpful steering assistance during the lane change. Another component of the system is the evasion aid, which can help avoid collisions with vehicles or pedestrians suddenly appearing in the driverís path. As soon as an evasive maneuver corresponding to such a scenario is detected, the system assists the driver with steering inputs to direct the vehicle into a clear adjacent lane."

The updated configurator makes no mention of the lane changing features mentioned in the press release.

Without the lane change features, its not clear (to me) what the advantage is over standard features.

I will contact my CA and ask. If anybody else gets an answer, please share. Thanks.

So the CA with Dealer 1 is now stating that Driving Assistant Pro is same as the old Driving Assistant Plus. The build of my car has Driving Assistant Plus and the CA told me yesterday that Plus is standard on all models now. Therefore, when I asked for discount of 1700$ for the Plus, she checked with her dealership and now says the Plus is now Professional and costs 1700$.
I am confused. Does anyone know if Driving Assist Plus is same as Professional?