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So 13 comments in we have got a fruitful discussion on how the demo car sucks (I tend to agree to most things said, it is an odd choice to display this CF glory), but not a single comment of the actual parts. Makes you wonder who the target is? Russians? Youtubers? I would not be in the market for any of these parts, potentially only for the grill if I had not already ordered the extended shadowline for my M50i. Rear diffusor maybe, but it won't go with the tow hook. I already break out in a sweat when I have to go into a tight parking garage with an X5 (I assume you guys in the U.S. experience this to a lesser extent, but many parking garages in Europe were designed of off the measures of a Fiat 500, I am sure), so putting 2 grand of winglets on each corner of the car is a no-no for me, apart from the fact that it would only clash with the clean look I am going for (debadged).