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This is a tricky question. What color Merino? Caring for new leather is easy and you don’t need a hardcore conditioner. The BMW and Mopar make a “Total Clean” spray that works great for everyday smudges and butt prints. BMW call theirs “PureCare Leather and Upholstery Cleaner” but it does the same thing.
It also can be used on the carpets and is ideal for new car applications. This is a ph balanced product designed for fine leather so it will work on your leather dash and armrest. This is a thin spray on, wipe off product that won’t get down in your ventilated seats and attract dirt. The thicker leather care products can get trapped in the ventilated seats and attach dirt and dust in the holes.

Leatherique Leather Care Is simply the best down the road when you leather really need conditioned and cleaned. Do a YouTube search for Leatherique Leather Care and you will see how it works. I have used it on my older air cooled 911’s and my cars always place high at Hershey.

Mopar “Total Clean” can be purchased on Amazon and is excellent product so don’t let the Mopar name scare you. Get it by the gallon and put it on your own sprayer.

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