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Originally Posted by Beemertj View Post
Ahh! So thatís why. I sure wish they hadnít been so silly about it. Wow. That room got pretty small while the the two of us felt as though they were being deceptive.

All they had to do was tell us that!

Who would have guessed that a BMW dealer can be as silly as common used car dealer.

So we went round and round for about $250 in finance charges (to me)? How silly.

Thank you for your reminder about the loan...The first thing I did before we bought the car was to get a new letter of pre-approval from USAA for the new home loan. They said our debt to owe ratio would be no problem with the added car loan. We have very very little debt.

Itís really a shame they didnít mention their real financial concerns rather than veil it as a ďrequirementĒ. My wife has an MBA and kept whispering about it till I simply stepped up the heat.
Glad things worked out for you but yes, would be smarter to be honest with people but not always the case in car purchase transactions unfortunately. I am sure a lot of people just get the financing for the incentive and even if the FI person is honest, they still pay off the loan right away. Again, for the dealer in your case, they should have just been happy to move a car they wouldnít have sold that day.

Most importantly, enjoy the new car and your new home!! Glad the purchase didnít affect your mortgage. You would be surprised at how often people buy cars while waiting to close on a home and it ends up jeopardizing their purchase. Happy that wasnít the case for you!