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Originally Posted by LuvMyE92 View Post
I think MSRP on this watch was around $10K, but they were very difficult to obtain. You can easily find a used one, but for some reason prices have really gotten strong on the Daytona.

I had one of these a couple of years ago - a great watch, but I could never read the hands to tell what time it was, so I sold it for around $9K, and it's probably worth around $11K now.
MSRP was $11,000 with tax when I bought it.

Documented used Daytona's are going anywhere from $12 - $15K.

This one is sold now. Got $17.5K for it. Not too bad a profit in the end.
Now I'm on the hunt for a DRSD. NOT easy to find a decent example for a sane price.
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