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Originally Posted by Redd View Post
Machines force you to move in a certain way which may not be natural.
This depends on the machine (I've been to a gym where machines must have been bought by a person who either knew too little to choose "wisely" or had a budget too limited to match quality to quantity needed, most obviously) and how you adjust it for yourself. The idea behind is to let you make effort properly focused and safe.

Originally Posted by Redd View Post
Dumbbells allow me to move in a much more natural manner, and I don't feel joint strain even while pressing 40kg dumbbells.
I know. That's swinging all around. Those natural moves are less effective about targeting the particular muscles you wish to work on. On the other hand, they let you do more which is a valuable practical skill when you need some real job done rather than just practice. "And it makes me wonder" whether I want perfect muscles or being "actually" strong.

Well, by being prone to injuries with dumbbells I actually mean additional efforts, involving more muscles which may be less ready for the weight than those you target: this is what I have suffered from. Good machines allow more isolated exercises. At some cost, perhaps. Joints are to be minded, of course!

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