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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Yesterday I was out cycling and was taking a left turn, so I was in the middle of the road. Some numbnuts idiot blew by me on my right side at 55MPH or more on a friggin' backroad. If romaine is more dangerous than the idiots on the road today, then maybe I'd avoid it. But I tend to believe you weigh your risks and act accordingly. Is romaine lettuce the biggest threat to your existence?

There's an article in the Boston Globe about a local farm stand selling romaine and "OMG, how can they do that?!?!?" People are too stupid to understand that it isn't romaine per se that's the problem, but the processing of mass produced and bagged romaine that is most likely the source of contamination.
You are correct in that there is nothing inherently dangerous in Romaine but rather the fertilizing and handling that occurs in its farming and supply chain. Since people eat lettuce raw, there is no way to kill the E. coli and you canít simply rinse it off lettuce. I would think a local farm that has been around a long time without getting anyone sick would be a much safer bet than buying something from a supermarket.

There are far bigger threats than Romaine but Iíll skip it for a while.
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