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Originally Posted by mrjoed2 View Post
I believe the huge profits The price jump between a 40 & a 50 is ridiculous . Almost $20,000. And frankly the 40 is under powered at 335hp for $62,000 base. The new Lincoln Navigator starts at $54K with 400hp/400lb.

When I bought my 650i M couple, the difference between the 6 cyl 640 was only $11,000. Greed is alive & well my friends.
Market competition is what sets the price of the cars we buy. And the profit motive is what has given us the incredible continuing advancement in car technology that we enjoy today. If we had the alternative, government regulation and price controls, we would all be driving black electric Ugos. If car buyers are willing to pay $20,000 more for a 50i, it is not over priced.