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Originally Posted by TurtleBoy View Post
Perhaps a little research is in order before posting, won't make you look as bad. The difference between the base 2020 40i and 50i is $14,950. In addition to the larger engine, the 50i comes with some options as standard (Vernsaca, items in Convenience, Premium and Executive packages, HK, etc.) that you would pay for with the 40i.
Well, I was actually looking at the 40i vs the M50i. That's where it's 20k.
I do realize the M50 has the M Sport pkg, brakes,ect.
If looking at the 40i compered to the 50i your paying that $14,950 more for just 110hp.
And the additional content still leaves a huge gap between the 2. The math does not make sense to me.