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still uses the 10 speed shitbox. I drove the navigator and expedition which use the same tranny and are awful.
We currently have an F150 with the 10 speed and my previous vehicle was a Yukon Denali with the 10 speed (the transmission is a joint venture between Ford and GM). FWIW, I have found it to be a fine transmission and haven't experienced it to be any better or worse than my X5's 8 speed.

I read the article above about the Aviators and Explorers — that is quite concerning. My mother is in the market for replacing her GX460, and while she was considering getting a new X5, I have been discouraging that based on my own issues and those of many members on this board. As mentioned above, I think it is just sound advice to avoid first year production models... I certainly have learned my lesson
maybe it was the ones I drove? I know a Ford Engineer who also shares the same opinion of that transmission and would rather run a ZF8 Speed any day of the week. the issue is when you hit the gas hard it doesn't know what gear to be in causing a delay since the gears are so short.
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