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I've own a 2013 Porsche Boxster, 3 BMWs including my current 440i, 3 Audis and too many Mercedes to count. None of them has ever left me stranded. All of them had several electronic glitches and sensor failure that were repaired under warranty.

To me, Mercedes feels the most robust followed by Audi, then Porsche and BMW.
If you want flawless electronic, try Japanese. They make the best electronic components.

But comparing the interior of a 20 year old Lexus to a 20 year old Mercedes, Audi, or BMW and you can see how much better the German car's interior withstood time. Every old Lexus interior I see looks worn down and beaten while the German just looks boring.

Step back 40 years to a Mercedes 450SL or SEL and their interior looks as modern as today. Many of them are still in excellent condition now.

The problem is that modern German cars are $40K car and $60K electronics and we know how much resale value are for electronics.

At this point, I don't think the Mercedes or Porsche electronics are any better than each other. They both share components made by Bosch so these 2 brands are not any better than the other.