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I’ve never owned a Mercedes but I’ve heard enough friends complain about theirs. One guy used to drive Cadillacs, decided to “step up” to Mercedes and after 2.5 years went back to a Cadillac. That’s just one data point of course.

We have a Macan and a 718 Boxster. I am not sure how many miles a typical Porsche owner drives but I’ve put 21,000 miles on the Macan in one year and 12,000 miles on the 718 in the same period of time. The 718 has had two minor recalls but no mechanical/electrical/electronic issues. I am not an SUV guy but really love the Macan. I looked at the Q5 which is its cousin, so maybe the quality identical.

Anyway, both my Porsche’s have so far been impeccable and has sort of turned me into a fanboy. I feel very fortunate to be able to afford them, but I think even if I could only afford older Porsche’s, I think I’d have no problem buying one.

Check this video out on how the Macan is built. It’s a nice blend of automation and hand building a vehicle plus a high level of quality control. The Macan has the lowest base price of any Porsche and you can see other Porsche’s built at the factory, so I’m certain the same rigor is applied across the board.