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Did you end up going dual color wheels? I like both.

We've always had black interiors. We sat in both and liked the contrast of the coffee.
I stuck with the all black wheels and there's no turning back now as I just got my vin number assigned today. I don't think you can go wrong either way though
Nice! That's exciting. What's the timeline looked like for you? When did you place your order, now that it's in production when do you project to get it?
Long story on when I originally ordered back on 11/30, as my dealer selected the wrong trim option which I didn't find out until production actually started. So I actually had to reorder the car around Christmas. Allocation didn't open up until this past Tuesday on my reorder. Got my vin assigned yesterday and production is expected to complete by first week of February. I have a PCD date of 2/28. I did order a 40i though and I'm sure allocations for the M50i could take dealers longer to get.