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Originally Posted by GenXer View Post
But comparing the interior of a 20 year old Lexus to a 20 year old Mercedes, Audi, or BMW and you can see how much better the German car's interior withstood time. Every old Lexus interior I see looks worn down and beaten while the German just looks boring.

Step back 40 years to a Mercedes 450SL or SEL and their interior looks as modern as today. Many of them are still in excellent condition now.
Interesting take. I personally feel the old Japanese interiors have aged better. Their designs in the 90s were so plain that they didn't even look that old in the '00s and early '10s. To add to that, the materials seemed to have held up better.

When I sit in an old Bimmer or Merc a lot of the plastics have gone to hell, stuff is chipping and creaking, etc.
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