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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Michael Andretti in F1 again ... Hahahahahahahaha.... Will his team crash out of every race too?



Penske on the other hand, would tear it up in F1. Didn't they used to make a lot of components for F1? Maybe still do? Dampers, and other suspension pieces, I thought. could be wrong though.
You don't know very much about the situation do you? When Michael was in F1 they put a ban on testing. The first time Mike was sitting on the starting grid he had about 20 hours of seat time in an F1 car (not much at all). Oh, and his car died on the starting grid in his first race and several others - no he did not crash out of every race. Ayrton Senna was a very close friend to Mike and knew he was getting hosed. Ron Dennis and Mike didn't get along at all either. Mike didn't get the same machine as Senna did either. Senna really helped him out tremendously. Mike did have a podium finish and was CONSISTENTLY faster than the McLaren test driver who had thousands of miles of testing in the car. That test driver was Mika Hakkenien. If Senna hadn't passed away, he was going to make the jump to CART. He was very tired of all the politics of F1. He even had an unofficial test with Penske.
How do I know all this? It was in a conversation I had with Mike. Look at the pic next to my name AW325XI. I'm standing next to a yellow Lambo Diablo with Mario.
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