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Originally Posted by pookiemalibu View Post
Just signed a lease on an X5MC. $1628/mo. from a NorCal dealer.

Black Sapphire/Sakhir Orange
MSRP: 123,795
Adjusted Cost: $114,327
Money Factor: .00158 (see below)
Lease Term: 36/10
Incentives: $1000 Loyalty
DAS: $2879 (First Month + Fees -- haven't received paperwork)

First, between here and Leasehackr I am so profoundly grateful for all the insight from everyone. My current X5 lease, on the exact same term was nearly $50K less expensive. But thanks to you fine folks, my payment on this car, with a higher MF, is only a few hundred more per month.

Second, I know the MF is marked up a bit, but when they offered a $9500 discount OUT OF THE GATE, I couldn't pass it up. Only one other dealership came close. I had some dealers who wanted $2500 over MSRP and to b*ng my sister to even have the privilege to purchase the car.

I did a ton of due diligence and probably sent out about 30 inquiries (on lots of cars) so I'd be happy to forward some of the M8 (both GC, vert and Coupe), X5M (Comp and Non Comp) deals if you PM me. If you're in FL, be happy to share my experiences here as well.
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