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Originally Posted by araje View Post
Great review.
I know it's not a good topic to discuss, but as much as you can, can you comment on the drive evasion feature you had to unfortunately experience.
It would be good to know what the feature did to keep you out of harms way.

Also do you mind sharing what waterless wash you used. I am sure the car would have insects, dirt, mud what not. I am feeling tensed about using straight up waterless to scoop up all that using MFs. Any info you can share will be helpful.

Thanks for a detailed write up.
Is it just the speed or is it also the acceleration you have to keep in control during the break-in period.

The waterless wash is be McKees37.

This stuff took the rain spots from the previous days drive completely away. You must use a lot and turn your microfiber towels over often but it removed all the dirt and grime and left no fine scratches on my “Carbon Black” paint. I will always take this on any road trips.

Last year I didn’t really follow any beak-in other than no launch control. I used little to no oil for the entire trip while breaking in the first 2200 miles. This trip with new oil also shows the same.

Here is the link to last years trip that explains what happened. I believe I was the first to have this feature work on our G05 X5’s in the real world.