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Originally Posted by amphiprion View Post
Thanks for the update, nice to hear that the gremlins were not present with the latest firmware update.

"it was overkill performance for a car loaded down with luggage. The acceleration was so sharp it threw around the luggage and kids stuff too much. "

What about the kids themselves?

Also, pic of post-return trip X5?
Kids are use to it. They get stuffed in my 911 and M2 Competition. These are “Daddy’s race cars”. I went from 89 degrees to 17 today. Too cold to wash the X5 until Sunday with 40 degrees forecasted. I will bring out the foam gun for a super thorough cleaning. X5 is filthy with a full day of rain from South Carolina to PA. Traction and ride on the 20” RunFlats were excellent. Some of the construction holes in Florida and DC were unavoidable and the wheel/tire combo soaked them up as good as expected without damage.
I didn’t monitor the mpg but I think I got better this time around and it seems to be very good around that 80mph to 90mph. I didn’t ever stress about the need to get gas and only got it when we stopped and at that those long intervals we only needed around 8-12 gallons.

FYI: The rear alcantara head rest were a big hit with the kids. Really helped position the headrest to a more comfortable position. I highly recommend them if you have kids or just want to posh out the rear.

WiFi hotspot also worked flawless with 5 devices attached. Not one drop out the entire way down the eastern coast. I streamed Pandora through a lot while both kids streamed Disney + on their iPads.
The voice command also worked flawless finding McDonalds along our route by command. I really tested it because I had the time and it did weather and other commands well. I also had it do Caring Car and everything worked great except my panno shade doesn’t automatically close as it is checked off in the menu. Perhaps a firmware omission??? Regardless, everything worked well.

While my wife was driving about 85mph in NC, there was a M2 Competition very similar to mine rip by us. I just had enough time to grab a quick pic. It was really moving and a cool sight to see and hear its exhaust.

A Hilton room view from a overnight midway point. I used the BMW app a lot to check on who was parking around my X5.

From the BMW app remote 3D view at South of the Border SC.

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