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Great write-up. Disney and X5's, doesn't get any better than that

What did you think of the GF? We are DVC and try and get over once every couple of years, but based in the UK I can only dream of driving my own X5 around Florida.

We stayed at Beach Club Villas last May next to Epcot. Must have done Soarin 10+ times, and was really looking forward to FoP. 20 seconds in I felt sick and nearly puked. Spent the rest of the ride with my eyes closed It's the only ride, other than mission space orange, where I've felt sick. Gutted.

Interesting to read about the collision avoidance. I wonder what the exact criteria is for it to engage. I've seen evidence that the front radar is monitoring cars 2 or 3 spaces in front when stationary, I guess by bouncing the signal under the cars. Sounds like it was doing the same, or using the KAFAS camera, or both, for it to start taking action before the car directly in front responded?

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