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Originally Posted by ifr View Post
Great write-up. Disney and X5's, doesn't get any better than that

What did you think of the GF? We are DVC and try and get over once every couple of years, but based in the UK I can only dream of driving my own X5 around Florida.

We stayed at Beach Club Villas last May next to Epcot. Must have done Soarin 10+ times, and was really looking forward to FoP. 20 seconds in I felt sick and nearly puked. Spent the rest of the ride with my eyes closed It's the only ride, other than mission space orange, where I've felt sick. Gutted.

Interesting to read about the collision avoidance. I wonder what the exact criteria is for it to engage. I've seen evidence that the front radar is monitoring cars 2 or 3 spaces in front when stationary, I guess by bouncing the signal under the cars. Sounds like it was doing the same, or using the KAFAS camera, or both, for it to start taking action before the car directly in front responded?
GF is awesome. We always stay at club level where you have your private food and drinks all included at the club lounge in your building. It also has higher security to even get in. Basically you eat and drink any time and as much as you want. This even includes alcohol. Service is 5 star all the way and the entire staff can’t do enough for you. The attention to detail is in its own league and I have stayed at a lot of high end hotels around the country. Disney is in its own league. IMO.

We also love the Poly as it feels very different from everything else like the you’re staying on the Hawaiian islands. We also stay at club level there and it has similar benefits but the food has more of a Polynesian flair to it. Also interesting is all the staff including the housekeeping is Polynesian. I think the GF might be a tick more upscale but quality between the two deluxe resorts are the same. We like to be on a monorail resort as we found it is a lot more convenient and even the small ferry boats that go directly to your resorts are more personal and interesting. The skyline this year is a new twist but it’s still buggy and will never replace the efficiency of the monorail.
We probably will alternate between the Polly and GF every year. It’s all what your after. Obviously the GF punches you in the face with its opulence and I love all the live music every night. The Polly is more layer back and beach oriented. There is no bad choice.. I took a leisurely drive around some of the Disney property by the golf courses and Magic Kingdom in my clean/detailed X5 one morning just to say I did. Disney roads are wide and perfectly smooth with bright white line markers. It was like driving in a BMW commercial with the sunroof open and sweet warm air rushing in. Car spotting is also a lot of fun around Orlando.
It’s why we go every year for at least 2 weeks in the winter. My goal is eventually stay a solid month.

FYI : FoP gets some people sick because of the 3D glasses. It can mess with your perception of space and throw it off slightly enough to give some people headaches and nausea. Some find if you adjust the glasses a little bit it can help. Mission to Mars made my wife a bit queasy and she won’t get on that one again. Mission to Earth was a lot better. Rock n Roll Rollercoaster, Mine Train, Space Mountain are all fine. My biggest issue was the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom. It beat the hell out of my night hip against the edge of the seat as I was sitting at the last seat in the car. It also snapped my back/neck unnecessarily. I am 6’ 3” 210lbs and ride all kinds of ATV’s and water bikes and never a issue. The Dinosaur ride and it’s articulating trackless cart has to injure older people. Brutal.

Why we like to drive.
Jacksonville FL bridge via from the X5.

Climbing up to the bridge.

Bridge is incredible with amazing vistas.

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