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Originally Posted by MystroX5 View Post

FYI : FoP gets some people sick because of the 3D glasses. It can mess with your perception of space and throw it off slightly enough to give some people headaches and nausea. Some find if you adjust the glasses a little bit it can help. Mission to Mars made my wife a bit queasy and she wonít get on that one again. Mission to Earth was a lot better. Rock n Roll Rollercoaster, Mine Train, Space Mountain are all fine. My biggest issue was the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom. It beat the hell out of my night hip against the edge of the seat as I was sitting at the last seat in the car. It also snapped my back/neck unnecessarily. I am 6í 3Ē 210lbs and ride all kinds of ATVís and water bikes and never a issue. The Dinosaur ride and itís articulating trackless cart has to injure older people. Brutal.

My wife and I did the Harry Potter broomstick ride at Universal Studios in California a couple of years ago. We both came off that ride (well its not really a ride as you don't actually go anywhere, all simulated) and could hardly walk without going in circles, both had upset stomachs Just by chance it happened to be our last ride, dang good thing too.

We did the Haunted Hotel elevator drop at Disney World, you guys must have done that too, its a great feeling of weightlessness but it was just too dang short. That's my complaint on all the rides, we like them so much but wished they were a minute or two longer.

Tell me, on a long trip like that, how long do you keep your seat massage on? Same for the wife?