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Amazing pics, thanks for sharing.

We are back this summer visiting Clearwater/Gulf coast but not quite the same in a dodge caravan

We've been to the Poly a fair few times to eat at O'Hana (breakfast/dinner) but not stayed yet. It's on the list but we need to wait until the kids are old enough to share their own studio as there's no 1/2 bedrooms. Love the vibe there, and really fancy wilderness lodge for christmas too. Awesome theming.

Thanks for the FoP tip. I don't think we are doing AK this year as mainly focusing on Universal/Sea World parks and MNSSHP if it works for out dates, but will give it another go the next time we are there. Only on FP mind, don't fancy those queues

Agree about Dinosaur. It's fun but you feel like you've been in a fight when you get off. Manta is my favourite in the Orlando area. Can't beat the feeling when you get 'air' at the top of a bend. Really looking forward to Hagrid's