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Originally Posted by Samurai of 2day View Post
Thanks for posting, OP.

I have been "patiently" waiting for media with the X6MC in a lighter color to see the lines better that the darker colors show. The Urban/Manhattan green didn't attract my eye that well.

My current gen X6M has the same color scheme as the one featured in this video, so I won't be going with the same when it's time to spec one of these late next year, but I'm ready to experience the new interior NOW
It's worth the wait, I couldn't wait anymore it drove me nuts so I just picked X3M for now

Originally Posted by paliknight View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if the members that hate this design are the same ones that love the new G80 design.
Lol, could be

Originally Posted by psuibmw View Post
Lots of haters This vehicle looks astonishing in person One of the best new BMW designs, along with the 8
I do like it to
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