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I play exclusively WW2 IL2-Sturmovik simulator because I believe that WW2-style aircraft combat is more fun, than seeing a flashing pixel on your radar and pressing a button to send a rocket to it (I know there is much more to it, but you get my gist).

This is in sharp contrast to WW2 combat which is close range, visceral and above-all: skill and experience based. There is steep learning curve to aerial gunnery, and then once you reached a certain proficiency level, you have to keep practising it, or else you lose it. In this way it is akin to a shooting range, except infinitely more interesting, because your gun happens to be flying in 3 dimensions up to 800km/h and you sit inside it, with barely a chance to escape if things go sideways (fun trivia: Soviet fighters are basically flying coffins because their cockpit cannot open above 250km/h).

Also piloting a WW2 plane is orders of magnitude simpler than a modern military jet because there are no navigation computers, instrumental landing systems, radars, IR-pods, weapons management systems etc: etc: I think that's also an important consideration because not everybody has time/patience to learn a modern jet which is less like a plane and more like a complicated weapons platform: the exact opposite of a WW2 plane.

If/When DCS finally irons out the kinks from their WW2 module and adds more content to it, I will be first in line to buy it, but right now it has too many teething issues, so if you're into WW2 air-air and air-ground combat IL2-Sturmovik remains the default choice.