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Absolutely fantastic. I think I would have installed them to sit flush with the curve of the bumper..... but the fact that they fit is ultimately what I wanted to "see".

Kinda jealous that you did it first..... but whatever

All I'm waiting on is confirmation that you're not getting any rattling or buzzing. At that point, I will buy 4 of them.

My "parts pile" is growing.... and I don't even have the car yet:

2 21" pirelli Scorpion Verde front tires
2 21" pirelli Scorpion Verde rear tires
15mm H&R front spacers
20mm H&R rear spacers
Appropriate length wheel lock bolts
2 Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablets
2 BMW specific tablet housings
2 BMW specific tablet mounts
2 10-inch USB to USB C angled connectors
2 128gb micro SD cards
M color grill inserts
4 exhaust tips (very soon)

M performance parts.... up next.