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Originally Posted by airbenji View Post
Sorry to hear that! If it makes you feel any better, I spoke to someone on the genius line yesterday and he confirmed that the mygarage site is experiencing technical difficulties over the last few weeks. I have been stuck in "production begins" status since 11/8, but they are still confirming that the car is estimated to be completed tomorrow. The guy on the phone told me that sometimes you will see almost all of the steps in mygarage completed in 24-48 hours.

Either way, I'm still pressing refresh pretty consistently over here.
Too funny. I think even after the car gets delivered I may hit the mygarage sites a few times just for nostalgia.

I just called. They said they have the order but no production confirmation date. Sheesh. Placed the order approaching a month ago and not even scheduled. The rep said try again Monday. I said OK. But we both know I am going to try the site ten times a day and call at least 3 times before next Monday.