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Originally Posted by DBLDNon11 View Post
I'm not sure I 'beat' anyone. I was looking for a '10% off MSRP' deal with $0 down and buy rate on the money factor. I had to settle for 8% off and only got that because a local broker intervened on my behalf (gratis) or it likely would have been 7%. As others have noted, brokers may be the way to go on X5s.

Final Numbers:
MSRP: $77,495
Discount: $6,200
Incentives: $3,000
Cap Cost: $68,295
Residual: 55% (36/10k)
Money Factor: .00047 (after max MSDs)
Base Payment: $765 (not including tax)
Drive Off: $8,405 (includes MSDs, Acq Fee, 1st Payment, Documentation, RMV, etc)
just got deal signed recently on 2021 X5 xDrive40i, I got 10%, 11% and 11.3% off MSRP respectively from three different dealers. It is custom build.

MSRP: $70995
Pre-incentive/rebate discount: $8100
Rebate/Incentive: $3500 ($1000 corp + $2500 BMW FS)
Full purchase through BMW FS.