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Originally Posted by RVAGuy View Post
No sure how they get to Colorado but from pictures I’ve seen looks like on back of wagon train. Conversely, deliveries here on east coast appear somewhat “cleaner”.
I enjoy the cleaning process so hope for a day with temps above 60. Thanks to guidance from others on this site decided to have dealer remove protective film so paint can be examined but not wash or do any exterior work. Will keep in garage until I can work on it.
How do you like speedster mitt?
Thanks for your your feedback.
A clay mitt is way better than a bar; more ergonomic and if you drop it you just need to rinse it off. you have to be careful of not letting the clay side dry on itself (because it will stick together) but that's about it. using the mitt, you can cover more area faster; it makes claying even this SUV a pretty quick deal.
Yes, mine was transported from CA on an open trailer, through the mountains...but it was on a train to the dealer before that. I'm sure it picked up some contaminants on the trip from CA to Denver but I'd bet the train ride is responsible for most of them.

Also - I mistyped, I have the nanoskin clay mitt: