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Post Hand Washing Guide (Work in Progress)

I know there are some other guides floating around the forums on proper car washing methods. The below guide is based on how I like to do things and is by no means definitive.

These are some of what I use depending on how I feel, and whatís worked for me in the past.

Speed Shine detail spray
Wheel cleaner
Leather Conditioner (spray or bottle)
Grit guard
Adams Polishes
Detail spray
Interior detailer
VRT (for the wheels)
Tire shire (also for the wheels)
Eco cleaner
Wheel cleaner
Leather condition
No Rinse Wash and Shine rinse less car wash
Power clean
Edgeless microfiber towels in grey and white for different areas
Microfiber wash mitt
Two 5 gallon buckets from Home Depot or wherever

Method 1

Step 1a: Depending on how dirty your car is you can rinse it off with a pressure washer (25 deg or wider) to get the heavy grit off.

Step 1b (optional): Use a foam gun/cannon to cover the entire car with foam before continuing

Step 2:

Using the two bucket method

Bucket 1 will be the clean one preferably filled with distilled or otherwise not tap water. Add your rinse less wash to this using the proper ratio as an outline on the bottle. Only put the wash mitt or towel in here once it has been through the rinse bucket and grit guard!

Bucket 2 will be your Ďdirtyí rinse bucket. After washing a panel with your microfiber cloth or mitt place it in the dirty bucket and scrub the cloth/mitt against the grit guard. This will help remove any particulates before you go back into your clean bucket.

Step 3:

Clean 1 panel at a time and donít use the cloth/mitt for more than 1 swipe over a dirty area without rinsing it. You can flip the mitt/cloth over and use that side too for a second swipe, then rinse. Once you clean a panel with your mitt/cloth dry it with the microfiber edgeless towels. I use white ones so I can verify things are clean as I dry each panel.

Iíll add more detail to this rather simple write up as time goes on. I wanted to do a basic guide for now.
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