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UK - Paint protection

I've been following with great interest the options our US cousins use for paint protection - especially ceramic and vinyl wrap. In the past, I've just used the standard BMW offering, so have no experience of these options. I am seriously thinking of upgrading when my car's delivered next month and would love to hear from you.

A question to other UK G05 owners: what option did you choose and are you happy with it? Which supplier did you use and would you recommend them?

Several folk advise telling the supplying dealer to NOT prepare the bodywork, as they often cause damage due to lack of time/training. However, my dealer says he has to do this before he can supply the car - so it seems I have no choice.

Has anyone faced this problem and found a way to overcome? I even asked my dealer if I could "upgrade" their normal prep (ie allow for more time and more care) and was told "not needed."

Finally, any advice on the best way to protect the wheels from brake dust damage?

Thanks all