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Originally Posted by imyb View Post
That looks sweet, how long did it take for the ceramic coating?

I have a local detailer who is XPEL certified, I spoke to them about PPF and Ceramic Coating. The PPF makes it expensive but I am considering just Ceramic Coating only, full body and wheels.

If you don't mind me asking how much did you pay, I am also from the NW. Share via PM if you like.

Are you referring to Offset detailing? I would be very interested in getting mine detailed from them. I recommend Gleammachine, but he is booked until the end of October.

From past experience on the old E70, rear extended wheel arches / the bottom of the rear door would get peppered with stone chips. This is the area I would highly recommend PPF to.

Perhaps we should look at group buy on the detail and ppf to that area?

Later LCI E70 came factory fitted with PPF to this area. I had BMW goodwill repair it on my pre LCI as a result & if my memory serves me right, they applied PPF to it post repair.

P.S. I would do the detail myself over the course of 2-3 days but I have been out of it for so long it will be uphill, and I would rather have it done by a professional, since I'm thinking of getting a certified coating such as Gyeon MOHS+ or Duraflex.

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