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FINALLY!!! Canadian Pricing and Order Guide. Thought I'd share.
So this may be a dumb question (and even a dumber idea), but I'm sure someone on this forum has considered or even done this - what prevents a US resident from buying a new car in CAN and bringing it into the US?

The X5MC that I'm ordering in the US similarly spec'd using the Canadian pricing guide is ~USD 14k less in CAN than the US after currency conversion. What's more is that the CAN Ultimate Package will also have the Sky Lounge and M Driver's Package (although the latter is not a big deal to me). The point is that the vehicle will actually have more options than the US version for considerably less money.

I've identified a few issues that will complicate this, but not sure any are fatal:

1. I assume that I will have to pay HST (or GST) in Canada on the purchase, which is like 13% (e.g. in Toronto)? That is double the sales tax rate in Texas. Still even after accounting for this, the CAN version is still several thousand less.

2. I'd have to ship it down because I'm not driving that thing to TX from CAN. Shipping would cost me something (maybe $1.5k?) unless I could get the CAN dealership to share that cost.

3. I'd really like to have the odometer/speedometer converted to miles/mph from metric. This may be the biggest hurdle. I'm not sure if this is a simply software program type thing or a major hardware replacement. If the latter, than this idea would be DOA for me unless I could just live with metric.

4. Obviously, it has to pass US emissions, but I'd be a bit surprised if TX has stricter emissions standards than CAN (I understand that CA does have elevated standards that can make importing certain cars problematic).

Anyone have thoughts on this? I know, all this for a disco light roof and maybe a coupe grand of savings sounds kinda silly the more I think about it. I probably won't do it because its too much of a pain in the arse regardless of $$ or Vegas lighting, but just curious if this would be an option.
I think you may have one more problem before all of this. Another added feature in the Canadian Edition. Are Laser headlights allowed in the USA? I notice your builds don't have them and they are superior and about 1k extra to have them. They are standard on all Canadian X5s
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