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Remember that Car and Driver uses the 1 foot roll out time and also corrects to sea level. Your DA is only 159ft so there wont be much a correction factor. Looking at the G meter, you had a few tenths of a second delay before it really took off. Most likely this was turbo lag. There was also a sharp drop off after it peaked and interesting wave for the rest of your run, possible being limited by the DME, BMW sets the torque limit lower on the M50i then the M. Can't have you getting too close to the M ya know....You would need a data logger like the JB4 to confirm if this is happening by boost is being pulled.

You can try power braking to eliminate the lag at takeoff since launch control is a mixed bag when it comes to BMW's. If you resolve the delay in the launch, you should be right around 4 seconds 1foot 0-60 time. You might be able to find the missing few tenths by manually shifting at different RPM points.