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Originally Posted by Tim2189 View Post
Yes went with JB4 and FI 200 cel downpipes

Not sure what you mean about using the EWG. Isn't that N55 specific ?
I'm still waiting on my M50i, hopping to have it next week.
I've been researching and reading everything I can find about the piggybacks and decided to go with the Jb4 a while back but can't seem to find any detailed video or pictorial on the installation of the Jb4 on these '20/'21 M50is. There is mention of a more involved, installation that connects to the wastegate area on the TTV8 model X5s from a few years back, not sure if any of that info pertains to our X5s.
Hopefully there is someone out there or some literature on the various levels of install.
I can't really imagine it being all that difficult as these are just simple elecrical connections to sensors/controllers.
It would be quite helpful to find some info on firewall access for the CANbus connection.
Have you received your Jb4? If so, how are the install directions?