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Originally Posted by speedyman View Post
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Yes went with JB4 and FI 200 cel downpipes

Not sure what you mean about using the EWG. Isn't that N55 specific ?
I'm still waiting on my M50i, hopping to have it next week.
I've been researching and reading everything I can find about the piggybacks and decided to go with the Jb4 a while back but can't seem to find any detailed video or pictorial on the installation of the Jb4 on these '20/'21 M50is. There is mention of a more involved, installation that connects to the wastegate area on the TTV8 model X5s from a few years back, not sure if any of that info pertains to our X5s.
Hopefully there is someone out there or some literature on the various levels of install.
I can't really imagine it being all that difficult as these are just simple elecrical connections to sensors/controllers.
It would be quite helpful to find some info on firewall access for the CANbus connection.
Have you received your Jb4? If so, how are the install directions?
Yes i got the JB4 few days ago, just waiting to get it installed

Check out these instructions, step by step for the M50i (based on the engine bay and the gold kidney grills)

In the pictures it says not to connect to EWG
I can verify with the installer once it's done

From what I understand, you won't need to connect EWG unless you are running map 7,
I'm planning to use map 1 and 2
Map 7 would be full bolt on with E85 mix
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