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Originally Posted by ybbiz34 View Post
I can see the title. Don't worry. I'm really not trying to make a big deal about this. I was just voicing my opinion that I liked the old format better. In fact, I thought it was the best homepage that the site has ever had in terms of looks/functionality. The new format is growing on me now.

Tell me if this is true of the new format: I think this is an improvement that was recently made. I notice that now there is just 1 large picture in the new format, vs. initially in the new format where there seemed to be side-by-side frames of the same picture.

Regardless, thank you for responding to my feedback. I appreciate it.
You know what I think happened, I think you had a cache of the old hompage on your computer with parts of the new homepage on your computer thats probably why it looked strange. If you do a complete page refresh (F5 on internet explorer) then you should see it how its suposed to be. As for the criticisisms, I welcome them, they can only help to improve the place, thats why I'm trying to figure out whats going on, the title of the news article should appear without having to scroll down for sure