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[Test] ► APEX | APEX Wheel Hardware: Everything you need for your ideal fitment.

The Hardware
Whether it's a set of spacers and a studkit for perfect fitment and faster trackside wheel swaps or a set of locking lug bolts for peace of mind on the street, APEX has you covered with a wide variety of Spacers, Studkits, and Lug Bolts.

Call: 925-245-0773
Hours: M-F 9a-5p PST

Spacers: Critical for Fitment, Ideal for Aesthetics

Order Now

3mm | 5mm | 12mm | 15mm | 18mm | 20mm

Every day, we field questions about fitment that an enthusiast might have in their pursuit to optimize their wheel and tire setup to fit their needs while still working with their 1) suspension components, 2) OEM or aftermarket brake setups or 3) car’s fenders and body limitations. Spacers are a crucial component when it comes to meeting all of the inner clearance and fitment requirements that aggressive performance wheel setups have while simultaneously offering the solution for perfect flush fitment when aesthetics are key.

When approaching the project of creating a wheel spacer that truly meets the needs of the hardcore BMW enthusiast, we took a close look at the features that WE would want for our personal cars and came up with our list of “must-haves” when we created our line of new spacers.

Fine-Tunable Suspension Clearance
Even after you’ve done everything you can to modify your coilovers to allow for wider wheels and tires, adequate wheel/tire clearance can still be hard to achieve. With 6 sizes ranging from 3mm to 20mm, APEX wheel spacers allow you to dial in the exact internal suspension clearance you need.

Ample Brake Caliper Clearance
Just like the relationship between wheel/tire-to-suspension components, brake calipers and spokes are often a point of unwanted interference. APEX spacers allow you to achieve just enough caliper clearance to allow your wheel to spin freely without pushing you wheel out too far.

Perfect Wheel-to-Fender Gap
Ample tire-to-fender clearance is a good thing, but excessive gap just doesn’t look right. Get your wheels flush with your fenders using APEX wheel spacers. Our range of widths allow you to precisely dial in your fitment.

Easily Removable
Save yourself from the headache. If you’ve owned spacers before, you’ve likely had one seized onto the hub. Instead of using a mallet to free it, utilize a tool meant for removal— a pry bar or screwdriver. We’ve added machine-cut pry points around the spacer’s edge, making even the most seized spacers a breeze to remove.

6. Rotor-Matching Colors
You’ve worked hard on the color scheme and coordination of your car and modifications. Spacers should not be any exception. They are meant to push wheels out, not stand out on their own. Available in two finishes— Black and Silver. Pick the one that complements your ride.

Easily Identifiable
Remember trying to solve mystery of identifying spacers either on the car or as they sit loose inside of our tool boxes or parts pins? We do too. What started as scrawling numbers with a screwdriver evolved into clean, legible, laser-engraved size and measurement information on the spacer face and edges.

OEM-Spec and Vibration-Free
Manufactured to perfectly match the measurements and tolerances of your BMW, these spacers are a natural extension of your wheel hub.
Cheap, hastily-made spacers are infamous for their sloppy construction, uneven surfaces, and out-of-round shape and result in poor fit & unsafe vibrations. At the end of the day, spacers are useless if they vibrate. We’re so confident that if our spacers cause any sort of vibrations or shakes, we’ll replace them. Simple as that.

Order Now

3mm | 5mm | 12mm | 15mm | 18mm | 20mm

Extended Hardware
When running spacers, it's important to always run extended hardware regardless of spacer width. There are several product options when it comes to extended hardware but they serve the same purpose as far as spacers are concerned. Their extended length accounts for the unused threads occupied by the spacer as it sits between your hub and the back-pad of the wheel. Attempting to reuse the OE lug bolts would result in the bolts not be able to fully thread into the hub causing unnecessary and dangerous excess strain on the remaining threaded portion.

Bolts or Studs:
1) Extended Lug Bolts. These are simply longer versions of your OE bolts. Their lengths are specific to the width of spacer they are being used with. This is the ideal option for the enthusiast wanting to run a spacer while maintaining the stock bolt appearance.
2) Stud conversion kits. These kits add studs to your wheel hubs that remain seated in the hub while the wheels are held in place by knuts. This is a great option for enthusiasts that may run different spacer sizes as the studs can accommodate a range of spacer widths making adjustments to wheel fitment simple as the car evolves throughout its life. In addition to the inherent spacer flexibility associated with stud conversion kits, many enthusiasts prefer the wheel mounting process with studs as it gives the wheel something to rest on before it sits on the hub making fast wheel changes much simpler.

Extended Lug Bolts

Made in Europe: Our high quality extended lug bolts are ready to take the place of your OE bolts to secure your spacers while maintaining a factory appearance.

Customized Length

APEX extended lug bolts are sold individually and made to support all the spacer widths that we offer. The sizes are selectable on the product page along with thread pitch. Simply select the color of bolt you want to begin the process.

Order Now

Black | Silver

Available Sizes:

25mm (standard length)
38mm (for 12mm spacers)
40mm (for 15mm spacers)
45mm (for 20mm spacers)
48mm (for 20mm spacers)

28mm (standard length)
30mm (for 3mm spacers)
33mm (for 5mm spacers)
40mm (for 12mm spacers)
43mm (for 15mm spacers)

Thread Pitch
The thread pitch and bolt diameter changed with the introduction of F chassis BMWs. As a general rule, most E chassis BMWs run the older M12x1.5mm bolt diameter and thread pitch with the exceptions being a few of the X series SAVs (e7X X5 and X6). F chassis and newer BMWs use the M14x1.25mm bolt diameter and thread pitch. Thread pitch is a selectable field when ordering via the product page.

Call: 925-245-0773
Hours: M-F 9a-5p PST

Order Now

Black | Silver

Stud Conversion Kits

APEX wheel studs offer an improved shoulder design to reduce stress risers and stud failure. 75mm and 90mm versions are available with a true bullet-nose race tip for faster wheel installs and a cleaner look, or with an easy to install hex head.

APEX Stud Kit Features:

The Bullet Nose
Don't compromise on safety and quality to get the stud style you want. Most affordable wheel studs today only offer a hex head version. Saving a few minutes during the install is great, but most racers want a true bullet nose tip. We've brought back the bullet nose design and give you the option to pick your preference at no added cost.

The Beefy Shoulder
Typical wheel studs have no shoulder to seat with the hub. Those studs are cheaper and easier to produce, but can result in new threads being cut into the stud as they are tightened. APEX's new wheel studs were engineered with a beefy, tapered shoulder design, allowing for a consistent and flat surface to secure to the hub. This feature helps eliminate stress risers that can lead to stud failure in most other designs, and will serve as a visual indicator that your studs have been properly secured during the installation process.

Lug Nuts Included
No need to order hardware separately. All studs are finished in black, and lug nuts are available in either a black or silver finish.

Studs vs. Standard Bolts
What are some of the advantages of studs over lug bolts?

Less Wear
Wheel studs replace your OEM lug bolts by simply threading into your car's hub. Once installed they do not need to be removed when changing or removing wheels, which preserves the threads on your car's hubs. They also guarantee proper thread engagement, as you can see how many threads were engaged during install.

Less Time
No more time spent trying to line up lug holes while holding wheels up with your feet. Studs make it easy to slide the wheel on and leave it there while grabbing the hardware. Lug nuts easily slide on and off the end of the stud, and can be started by hand with little-to-no effort.

Use Any Spacer
All spacers require extended-length hardware to be used safely. With our extended-length studs, you are no longer required to buy a bucket full of various-length bolts for use with different size spacers. Our 75mm studs support up to 12mm spacers, and our 90mm studs support up to 25mm spacers.

Available Sizes & Options

With free shipping for all Stud kits, there's never been a better time to order!

Order Now

M12x1.5mm 5 lug kits with 75 and 90mm lengths and Hex or Bullet Nose tips. Silver and Black finishes available

M14x1.25mm 5 lug kits with 75 and 90mm lengths and Hex or Bullet Nose tips. Silver and Black finishes available

M12x1.5mm 4 lug kits for E30s with 75 and 90mm lengths and Hex or Bullet Nose tips. Silver and Black finishes available

Call: 925-245-0773
Hours: M-F 9a-5p PST

Titec Locking Lug Bolts

Use wheel spacers? Get wheel locks that fit.
TITEtec offers the highest level of wheel security with extended length wheel locks in 2 or 4 packs to mix & match.

TITEtec Elite Wheel Locks

TITEtec Elite Wheel Locks are for those who require the highest level of security.

Available in extended lengths for use with spacers (25mm - 45mm)
Sold in 2 packs for front & rear fitment or 4 pack stock length
Free-spinning hex head that looks like an OEM bolt
Looks like your OEM bolts when installed
Unique CNC’d pattern
Available in M12x1.5mm

Order Now

TITEtec OEM+ Wheel Locks

TITEtec OEM+ Wheel Locks provide OEM quality in extended lengths.

Available in extended lengths for use with spacers (26mm - 48mm)
Sold in 2 packs for front & rear fitment or 4 packs in extended lengths
More secure than typical wheel locks due to free-spinning ring
Unlimited key patterns
Available in M12x1.5mm and M14x1.25mm

Order Now

TITEtec Slim Wheel Locks

TITEtec Slim Wheel Locks provide increased protection for wheels with small-diameter, tuner style bolt holes.

Available in extended lengths for use with spacers
Sold in 2 packs for front & rear fitment or 4 packs in stock length
Fits smaller diameter bolt holes down to 21mm
Unlimited key patterns
Available in M12x1.5mm and M14x1.25mm (4 pack/28mm only)

Order Now

About TITEtec

Why choose TITEtec Wheel Locks?

TITEtec caters to the modified aftermarket with its product lines. All hardware is cold forged in Italy alongside the OEM hardware made for most European auto manufacturers.

Call: 925-245-0773
Hours: M-F 9a-5p PST

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